ABC News Nightline Office Graffiti Mural – Interior Aerosol Art

We had the opportunity to paint the New York office for ABC News Nightline last week! We took the original Nightline logo and put our spin on it with a postcard style from one of the Klughaus Gallery artists that helped design this one. We were filmed and interviewed while painting this piece so who knows, there might be a segment on it some time in the near future. Our favorite letter was the lens shutter in the “H.” This was a cool job and we are honored to work with ABC! Below are some photos of the finished product in the office:

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

Office Graffiti

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Graffiti as Interior Design – 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Graffiti Mural

After a recent project w/ Meyer Davis Studio painting the interior of the new Wayfarer Restaurant, we worked with them again on the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. This time, we painted a gray toned posterized portrait that was integrated with an exit sign near the elevator wall. This was an awesome project to be a part of and we definitely stood out from the crowd.

“Each year, celebrated interior designers transform a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology. This all began in 1973 when several dedicated supporters of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club launched the Kips Bay Decorator Show House to raise critical funds for much needed after school and enrichment programs for New York City children. Over the course of four decades, this project has grown into a must-see event for thousands of design enthusiasts and is renowned for sparking interior design trends throughout the world.” (

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Check out links to the following write ups as well!

New York Times – Rocking The Palazzo
“…On the second-floor landing, a contemporary elevator door and some emergency and exit signage has become part of a mural by Victor Fung, a graffiti artist”

Newsday – An inside look at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House
“…The Meyer Davis Studio in Manhattan fills the second-floor corridor with work by Brooklyn artists — including a wall of graffiti by Victor Fung at one end of the space.”

The Washington Post – Kips Bay Decorator Show House shows off 22 rooms of decorating splendor in New York
“…Cool factor? On the second-floor landing, Brooklyn graffiti artist Victor Fung came on site with his spray-paint cans and created an original artwork, “The Scream,” on one wall. Fung’s installation gets even more of an urban edge because there is a glowing “Exit” sign in the middle of it.”

Dream Walls – Glass As Art
“…The hallway gallery was designed by Meyer Davis Studio and designers Will Meyer and Gray Davis basically transformed the 2nd floor hallway into a Brooklyn Art Gallery. It features 3 working Brooklyn-based artists, and most of the big press on the house focuses on Victor Fung’s graffiti art, “The Scream” on the far wall.”

Ask Patrick – …about haute and haunting, and a day at the opera, all for a price: Kips Bay 2014
“…Haute and Haunting
Elsewhere, mysterious, enigmatic elements like those shrouded figures, a wild-eyed photo of Medusa flanked by narwhale tusks, silenced portraits, beheaded torsos, disorienting scale, murky colors, blood references, and corridors disappearing in dark shadows made this into a haunted house of sorts, the Victor Fung mural in the Meyer Davis hallway frozen in an eternal, eerie scream, punctured like a wound by the ruby red exit sign. “

Kips Bay Decorator Show House Graffiti

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Vanessa Hudgens for Bongo – Graffiti Art Photo Shoot

Last year, we worked on a photo shoot for Bongo with the lovely Vanessa Hudgens. The artwork we were asked to paint on the seamless was minimal and in a few colors. Vanessa was really fun to work with and even painted one of the backdrops with us! Check out the Behind The Scenes footage below along with some photos from the shoot.

Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

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LinkedIn NY – Graffiti Artwork in New York City Office – Indoor Mural

We teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and LinkedIn last month to help create some unique graffiti murals in their New York City office space!  We had 3 different artists create custom designs with their own interpretation.  This was quite the task since we had to use spray paint in an enclosed corridor to control the fumes/paint overspray without being able to fully step back to look at the entire piece.  We were very happy with the final results in the photos below:

Time Lapse Video by Joel Wood (LinkedIn):

Linked In Graffiti Mural by Klughaus Gallery

Graffiti Artist For Hire - LinkedIn Offices

Best Graffiti Artists in NYC

Indoor Graffiti Mural LinkedIn

Custom Indoor Mural Artist LinkedIn

Graffiti Artist For Hire - Linked In

Linked In NYC Graffiti Artist

Klughaus LinkedIn Graffiti Mural

New York Graffiti Artist For Hire

All three artists collaborated on the last hallway below which paid tribute to/referenced a classic DONDI whole car:

Top graffiti artists in NYC

Klughaus Gallery x Linked In

LinkedIn Graffiti in Office

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