Street Art Mural painted for Fundamental Advisors Corporate Gym – Street Artist For Hire

We created this street art mural in the Fundamental Advisor‘s new corporate gym in New York City. Had a lot of fun painting this one as it was mostly freestyle. We incorporated sports quotes and posters provided by the client. “Fundamental Advisors is a leading alternative asset manager dedicated to the municipal markets. Founded in 2007 as a private equity firm focused on revitalizing distressed assets, Fundamental now offers a range of investment vehicles that capitalize on the growing opportunity set in the municipal market.” Check out some photographs from the installation below:

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LinkedIn NY – Graffiti Artwork in New York City Office – Indoor Mural

We teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and LinkedIn last month to help create some unique graffiti murals in their New York City office space!  We had 3 different artists create custom designs with their own interpretation.  This was quite the task since we had to use spray paint in an enclosed corridor to control the fumes/paint overspray without being able to fully step back to look at the entire piece.  We were very happy with the final results in the photos below:

Time Lapse Video by Joel Wood (LinkedIn):

Linked In Graffiti Mural by Klughaus Gallery

Graffiti Artist For Hire - LinkedIn Offices

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Indoor Graffiti Mural LinkedIn

Custom Indoor Mural Artist LinkedIn

Graffiti Artist For Hire - Linked In

Linked In NYC Graffiti Artist

Klughaus LinkedIn Graffiti Mural

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All three artists collaborated on the last hallway below which paid tribute to/referenced a classic DONDI whole car:

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Klughaus Gallery x Linked In

LinkedIn Graffiti in Office

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Office Graffiti Art – Weber Shandwick in NYC – NY Graffiti Art Video

“Weber Shandwick is one of the world’s leading global public relations firms with offices in major media, business and government capitals around the world.” They asked us to come paint some murals in their new offices in midtown, NYC. We created some custom murals (in spray paint) on their 6th and 7th floors. This was a fun project where they gave us a lot of creative freedom to do what we wanted. The only request was for some coy fish, which we happily added! The agency was kind enough to create and share an awesome video of the creation of this mural. Please see the video and photos below!

Office Graffiti from Tane Digital Video on Vimeo.

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Graffiti Artist For Hire - Weber Shandwick

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