Taboola #ContentYouMayLike – Aerosol Art for the New York office

Taboola is the world’s leading content distribution and discovery platform, serving over 1.5B daily recommendations to over 200M monthly visitors on the web’s most innovative publisher sites, including USA Today, BusinessWeek, Time and The New York Times.

Taboola just opened a new office in New York and they asked us to come decorate their white walls with our aerosol artwork!  We only had a window of one weekend to complete three different walls in the newly constructed office space.  The completed artwork definitely gave the office a more fun/relaxed work environment.  We were very happy with the outcome of the murals and we are glad that Taboola liked it as well!

For the first wall, we were asked to design a zoomed in snapshot of a web page that has Taboola’s recommendation thumbnails:

Professional aerosol art for office

On an oppsite wall by the windows, we painted Taboola’s #ContentYouMayLike hashtag in grays and oranges:

Graffiti Artwork for Offices

Finally, one of our favorite walls was this Taboola submarine that was scavenging for web articles/videos.

Professional office grafffiti artwork - Taboola

Here’s WIRED’s Spencer Reiss next to the wall to give an idea of scale of the mural.  Read more about his visit to the Taboola office here.


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GE General Electric Idea Works – Graffiti Artwork on Large Canvas

Earlier this month, a group from GE (General Electric) reached out to us to commission some custom graffiti artwork for their offices in Albany.  In case they moved offices in the future, they asked us to paint the artwork on lightweight wood flats.  We were able to construct custom wood flats that we put together to form one large canvas that incorporated the GE logo and the phrase “Idea Works” in a specified color palette.  Thanks to the efficient communication, this was a very smooth and successful job with a quick turnaround!  Below are shots of the completed artwork installed in their office!

Hire a Graffiti Artist for Corporate  Work

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