Samsung’s Milk Music x Russell Simmon’s ADD52 – Hip-Hop Graffiti Room

We recently worked with Relevent, Samsung’s Milk Music, and Russell Simmon’s ADD52 to decorate a hip-hop room for their one night event in Brooklyn.  You can watch the video below for a better explanation of the product that the event was for.  For the mural, we reached out to some Klughaus Gallery artists to create a collage of classic NYC styles and tributes to classic NYC graffiti artists like DG NWC.  The artists spent all night into the morning layering different elements of graffiti including tags, throw ups, and pieces!  The end result looked amazing.  Check out some photos of the install below:

Samsung x Add52 Graffiti Art

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Artist For Hire

The behind the scenes shots (before the lighting) below:

New York Graffiti

NY Graffiti Artist For hire

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Brooklyn Live Graffiti Painting for Verboten Stage One Party w/ Luciano & Carl Craig

We were invited by Verboten to do some live artwork at their Brooklyn Waterfront Series “Stage One” party featuring Luciano & Carl Craig last month. In collaboration w/ Lofty Goals NYC, we painted a “BKLYN” piece in the style of the Verboten logo. We also added the NYC skyline that we were looking out at from the waterfront. We had a ton of people stopping by to take photos and it’s always a great time painting live at parties/events! Check out some photos of the mural and the party below:

Graffiti Artists For Hire

Lofty Goals NYC - Jeffrey Gamblero

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Graffiti Artists For hire

Hire a Graffiti Artists

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Be on the look out for Verboten as they are opening a new “Mega Dance Club” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this year near Output and the Wythe Hotel.  You can check out the article here:

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Custom Graffiti Art Mural for Lounge / Car Collection Garage in Long Island NY

We get quite a few jobs to add custom artwork on the walls of “man caves” throughout the tri-state area.   Most recently, we had the opportunity to paint the interior walls of a large garage that would house a car collection and lounge.  The idea came about when the client initially moved into the abandoned space and saw some existing graffiti inside.  It looked pretty cool to them so they asked us to come re-decorate the space with graffiti after the renovations.  Given the client’s existing appreciation of graffiti art, it was truly a pleasure working with them!  On top of the graffiti, we were commissioned to paint some photo realism murals and custom signs which were all done in spray paint.  Check out the photos below.

The first part of this project involved painting multiple car names in variations of classic graffiti styles.  We went for a collage type of feel where the sizes and colors of the names varied to provide some eye candy.  The car names included Aston Martin, Porsche, GTO, Mercedes-Benz (logo), Maserati, Ferrari, Ford and Fiat.

Car Collection Custom Graffiti For Hire NY

Car Graffiti  Artist For Hire Long Island

On an adjacent wall between garage doors, the client wanted an attractive female painted bending over showing off her “assets.”  The lounge area incorporated a window that would have a direct view of this wall.  With a found reference, we were able to reproduce this girl in a photo-realism style using all spray paint.  This was definitely one of the most “unique” commission jobs we have done thus far!

Ass Graffiti Artists For Hire - Ride

The second part of this project was painting two walls on the opposite end of the garage.  On one of the walls, we designed a custom retro style sign for the client.  This was painted over a very rough surface that consisted of pipes, electrical boxes, etc.  It was tough to work around all these obstacles but we were very happy with the outcome in the end!  We also painted various highway signs (I-95, 495, Route 66) to fill up the negative space around the main piece.

Custom Sign Mural - Graffiti Art Highway Signs

Last but not least, we painted another photo-realism style red Ferrari that looked like it was breaking through the wall.

Ferrari Car Graffiti Art

Long Island Graffiti Artist For Hire

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DIRECTV – Custom Graffiti and Logo Artwork for The Nick & Artie Show / Dan Patrick Show in New York Studios

We recently worked on a project with Directv to create some original graffiti and spray painted artwork in their new studios in New York City.  We were told that the murals would be for the set of The Nick & Artie Show as well as the Dan Patrick show.  The design team pretty much built the ultimate man cave in their studios complete with huge TV’s, basketball hoops, pool tables, kitchen, shuffle board, etc…  The team they worked with did a great job in putting it all together!

For the main wall, we did a “NEW YORK” font piece with elements of different NY sports teams and NY-centric designs incorporated within each letter.  The backdrop was a NY skyline including the statue of liberty.

We painted two cabinets with a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox theme.  They opened up and housed two flat screen televisions.  We ended up painting the insides of the cabinets as well.

In the entrance way once you get off the elevator, we painted the logos for Directv, The Dan Patrick Show and The Nick & Artie Show.  We also painted a neon “Studio” sign above the entrance way into the studio.  All of this was done in spray paint.

Lastly, we painted a huge abstract NYC subway map along the back hallway of the studio and overlaid all of the logos including the Audience Network logo.

This job was a lot of work with very tight deadlines and we worked long hours to meet them all.  Overall, it was a fun & unique job and it was great to see a glimpse of our murals on television!

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Kobo “The Written Word” Event Live Painting – Graffiti Artists For Hire

Kobo reached out to us to do some live artwork for “The Written Word” event held at Gun Bar in the Meatpacking District in New York City.  There were a lot of famous authors/writers at this event to promote digital literature and their e-reader device.  We knocked out this piece with 2 artists in about 2-3 hours.  A lot of the party-goers took photos in front of the piece as it was being painted as well as with the final product as they were leaving.  It definitely created a lot of attention for people just passing by and curious what was going on at the bar.  Thanks again to the wonderful people at Kobo!  Unfortunately, this is the only photo (iphone) we have of the finished work but I believe this is now hanging in their offices in Toronto.

Work in progress by two of our artists:

Graffiti Artists For Hire - Kobo NYC

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Painting The Solar System, Sharks Underwater and Boxing Rings – A Fun Graffiti Job in the Upper East Side

This was quite a unique job to say the least.  A client asked us to paint a mural for their three sons in this rare Upper East Side backyard.  Their kids (Jesse, Jaden and Julian) meant the world to them and they asked them what they wanted to see painted in their backyard.  The final results were planets, sharks and boxing!  Quite the combo but we made it work together nicely in the end.  I’ll have to head back to try to get some better photos of each section but in the mean time, I have posted the final product of all three scenes.  One of my favorite parts of this mural is the reflection of the surface of the water (above the sharks) which was actually an idea given to us by the client.  We hope the whole family enjoys this piece for years to come.

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