Puma Suede Commercial – Graffiti Artist For Hire

Earlier in the year, we worked with Puma and Rain on a commercial celebrating the anniversary of the Puma Suede sneaker.  Check out the video below.  It’s a really quick clip at the (0:34 mark) but you can see the graffiti collage we painted for this project!

“Revolutionary. Classic. Timeless. PUMA SUEDE has been down since forever. Back in 1968, the city scene was packed with hot chicks in hot pants and tall boys in basketball shorts. That was when PUMA first came on the scene with the Suede silhouette. The industry rebel that said “nay” to ordinary leather, the Suede was a warm-up shoe made infamous by athletic greats such as basketball’s Walt “Clyde” Frazier and the track’s Tommie Smith. It hit new levels of fame during the ’80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New York City blocks. And to this day, it remains PUMA’s most epic icon of sport-inspired style with its smooth suede and streetwise swagger.”

Puma Graffiti Artist For Hire

Puma Suede Graffiti


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Eisai Inc. Office (Pharmaceutical Company) Graffiti in New Jersey Office

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Eisai Inc. on a custom graffiti mural in their Woodcliff Lake, NJ offices.  The client wanted to show the company values in a professional/conservative way while keeping an edgy spray painted aesthetic.  We were definitely the right ones for this kind of work!  We got to have a little more fun with 7 additional walls where we depicted formulas and molecular structures of their drugs reacting inside the human body.  With a team of 3 of our artists, we were able to a total of 12 interior walls over a weekend!  Check out some photographs of the installation below:

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Teamwork Graffiti Mural

Graffiti Mural

Hire a Graffiti Artist

Aerosol Art Painting

Aerosol Art

Graffiti Art

Aerosol Art Mural

Mural Artist For Hire NJ

Graffiti Art

Blood graffiti mural art

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The Wayfarer – Brigitte Bardot Graffiti Mural – NY Restaurant

We recently collaborated with Meyer Davis Studio and The Wayfarer at the Quin Hotel on a new mural inside their restaurant.  The Wayfarer is a new restaurant serving American seafood & steaks in a posh bi-level setting with banquettes.  For this mural, they wanted an abstract one color image of Brigitte Bardot.  When next to the piece up close in a corridor, you see abstract shapes but upon stepping back, a detailed portrait is formed.  Using spray paint, we were able to go over the uneven surface of the wall/texture.  Next time you are looking for a restaurant in midtown, feel free to stop by and check out the mural!  The Wayfarer is located at: 101 W 57th St. New York, NY 10019.  Photographs of the mural and some shots of the restaurant are below:

The Wayfarer Graffiti

Brigitte Bardot Graffiti - NY

Brigitte Bardot Graffiti

NY Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Vanessa Hudgens for Bongo – Graffiti Art Photo Shoot

Last year, we worked on a photo shoot for Bongo with the lovely Vanessa Hudgens. The artwork we were asked to paint on the seamless was minimal and in a few colors. Vanessa was really fun to work with and even painted one of the backdrops with us! Check out the Behind The Scenes footage below along with some photos from the shoot.

Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

Vanessa Hudgens Bongo Jeans Graffiti

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Create! Mural featuring Jurne and Dominic Corry for Klughaus – Vornado Realty Trust

Last month, we worked with Jurne and Dominic Corry on a huge mural in an undisclosed Vornado Realty Trust property at a high profile location in New York City. Each artist designed alternating letters in their unique style that spelled out “C R E A T E !” This mural took about a week to complete and it came out amazing in the end! For the designs, we were asked to incorporate something that had to do with 34th St. into the designs. Please take a look at the images from the location below:

Graffiti Artists For Hire - Dominic Corry & Jurne

Create Vornado Realty Trust - Graffiti Artist For Hire

Macy's Jurne Graffiti - Klughaus Street Art

NYC Graffiti Artist For Hire - Dominic Corry

Street Artist for Hire - Klughaus NY

Graffiti Artist For Hire - Subway Klghaus

Graffiti Artist For Hire - Dominic Corry & Jurne

Klughaus Jurne Graffiti Artist For Hire

Custom Graffiti Artwork - Jurne NY Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Thrillist Office – New York City Graffiti Artist – Gorey – Indoor Murals

Thrillist  asked one of our artists “Gorey” on commissioning a few original pieces in their New York office in Soho.  Gorey freestyled a lot of these walls using his unique technique of thin lines using spray paint.  On the main wall, he referenced the existing Thrillist logo and added his own spin to it.  On the other two walls, he painted an cityscape/landscape from his crazy imagination.  All of this was painted without a sketch from the top of his head.  The Crosby Press and Jack Threads also operate out of this same office space so they get to enjoy the murals as well!  It was a fun/relaxing job and an example of the amazing artwork that can be created without much direction from the client.  If you are interested in hiring this aerosol artist to paint something in your home or business, please contact us!

Gorey Graffiti Artist

Paris Graffiti Artist For Hire France

Graffiti Artist - Paris, France NY

Gorey - Office Graffiti Art - Soho NY - Office

Downtown Graffiti Office Soho - NY Graffiti Artist

Last but not least, here is a video clip of Gorey painting the final wall above:

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7 Train Reefed Red Bird Subway Old School Graffiti For Hire – Portable Boiler Job

7 Train Red Bird Subway Car Graffiti

Truck 7 Train Queens Brooklyn Graffiti Artist For Hire

Maximum Mechanical hired us last year to turn one of their portable boiler trailers into a fish tank/aquarium.  They recently contacted us again to turn another boiler truck into a subway car.  Because we already turned a tractor trailer into a silver subway car a few years ago, we decided to paint an extinct red bird subway car that looked like it was bombed and then reefed to the bottom of the ocean.  I am especially happy with the way the broken windows came out.  We made the train number “2011” to represent the year that it was painted.  The pieces also took first place for a spray paint company’s graffiti competition.  This job took multiple days to complete but the hard work paid off in the end!

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“Daniel’s World” Logo and Cartoon Mural Job in Brooklyn – Graffiti For Hire

There’s a new (brand names for less) fashion store opening in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave. (by Marine Park/Sheepshead Bay area.)  The store specializes in Women’s and Children’s clothing.  The client contacted us to do their logo in a graffiti style over their store gates.  We modified the tag line design “Fashions For Less” and made it bigger so that traffic could read it when driving by.  We painted a brick background on the store gate.  The store owner was a pleasure to work with and we wish him the best of luck.  While doing this mural, a lot of locals were curious what was opening and they all seemed excited about it being a clothing store!

Danield's World Logo Mural Store Gate

Daniel's World Fashions For Lest Mural on Store Gate

The owner also wanted us to paint the interior of the store with some cartoon characters to make it more “fun” for the customers.  In the entrance way, we painted the fashionable “Betty Boop” to greet customers as they walked into the store (we also made her a little more appropriate for families.)  On the way, out we painted the “Pink Panther” to say goodbye to them!  We kept the brick background theme here but made it more “cartoony” to go with the characters.  The entrance way was really tight so it was hard to get a full shot of both characters.  The exit sign on the glass doors will be removed as it was from the old Blockbuster that used to be at this location.

Brooklyn Betty Boop Painted For Fashion Store

Mural of Pink Panther Inside Clothing Store Entrance

Last but not least, we were asked to also paint the Kid’s section of the store with a Spongebob Squarepants mural.  The kids these days all seem to love Spongebob and hopefully this will make their shopping experience a lot more fun!  The characters were spaced in a way so that they would not be fully blocked when the clothing was hung in front.

Indoor Spongebob, Gary, Squidward, Mr, Krabs and Patrick Mural \" title=

This was a fun job and thank you to the owner and staff at Daniel’s World for making this job a wonderful experience!  Once again, good luck with the store opening and we wish you the best!

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