Cases Downtown Brooklyn Office Graffiti Mural – Graffiti Artists For Hire

We worked with Cases, a NYC organization that aims to “increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community.” Graffiti USA happened to be a model example of how we were able to take our negative energy from our past graffiti roots and transform it into a positive, successful business. Check out photos of the pantry and hallway that we painted for the client. This is a great, passionate client that looking to make the future better for a lot of kids. Our hats off to them!

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Cases Brooklyn Graffiti Artist

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Action Bronson F*ck That’s Delicious Mural for Vice Munchies – NY Sign Painter For Hire

In collaboration with Klughaus, we recently worked on a new mural for Action Bronson‘s show “Fuck That’s Delicious” that airs on Vice Munchies.  Special thank you to Sweet Chick in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the wall space and hospitality!  This was a rare job  for us where we mixed spray paint and brush work to get the font work looking crispy!  We kept hearing from random people passing by that this was one of their favorite online shows at the moment.  Photos of the work and video trailer for the show below:

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Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural

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HP Hewlett Packard Fall Media Event 2013 – Graffiti Art / Spray Paint Mural

We worked with HP (Hewlett-Packard) this past Fall for their Media event that showcased some of their new products. We were tasked with painting our rendition of the HP Garage. “The HP Garage is a private museum where the company Hewlett-Packard (HP) was founded. It is located at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California. It is considered to be the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley”. It is a designated California Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” The piece was painted live using a mix of spray paint and paint markers.

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HP Fall Media

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Office Graffiti Art – Weber Shandwick in NYC – NY Graffiti Art Video

“Weber Shandwick is one of the world’s leading global public relations firms with offices in major media, business and government capitals around the world.” They asked us to come paint some murals in their new offices in midtown, NYC. We created some custom murals (in spray paint) on their 6th and 7th floors. This was a fun project where they gave us a lot of creative freedom to do what we wanted. The only request was for some coy fish, which we happily added! The agency was kind enough to create and share an awesome video of the creation of this mural. Please see the video and photos below!

Office Graffiti from Tane Digital Video on Vimeo.

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Graffiti Artist For Hire - Weber Shandwick

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Sunglass Hut “Bright Lights Bling City” Fashion Week Event Graffiti

This past fashion week was a busy one for us! Right after the DKNY gig, we were asked to do some graffiti in the middle of Times Square for a Sunglass Hut pop-up event for fashion week called Bling City. This was a rare opportunity to paint in the center of New York City! We had limited time and a limited color palette to work with but we were able to pull it off at the end! Tons of tourists took photos of the process and many thought we were just there tagging illegally which drew quite the crowd. We also designed some custom airbrushed t-shirts for the staff as well. Take a look at some photos of the work and the event below:

Graffiti Artist NYC

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Custom Indoor Mural for Bento Sushi Midtown, NY

Last month, we were commissioned by Bento Sushi to do a custom mural in their new midtown location at 685 3rd Ave. (between 43 & 44 St.)  The client provided us w/ the artistic direction of this piece.  Even though we focus primarily in aerosol artwork, we also enjoy painting indoor murals like this one using alternate mediums!  This was a fun project and if you are in midtown, you should go check out the mural and enjoy some sushi!  Below are some images of the artwork in progress and the completed work.

Benti Sushi Restaurant Midtown - Custom Artwork

Hand painted indoor murals - Custom restaurant artwork


NYC Mural Artists For Hire - Bento Sushi Restaurant Custom Mural

New York Mural Artists - Asian Style Artwork - Restaurant mural

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Thrillist Office – New York City Graffiti Artist – Gorey – Indoor Murals

Thrillist  asked one of our artists “Gorey” on commissioning a few original pieces in their New York office in Soho.  Gorey freestyled a lot of these walls using his unique technique of thin lines using spray paint.  On the main wall, he referenced the existing Thrillist logo and added his own spin to it.  On the other two walls, he painted an cityscape/landscape from his crazy imagination.  All of this was painted without a sketch from the top of his head.  The Crosby Press and Jack Threads also operate out of this same office space so they get to enjoy the murals as well!  It was a fun/relaxing job and an example of the amazing artwork that can be created without much direction from the client.  If you are interested in hiring this aerosol artist to paint something in your home or business, please contact us!

Gorey Graffiti Artist

Paris Graffiti Artist For Hire France

Graffiti Artist - Paris, France NY

Gorey - Office Graffiti Art - Soho NY - Office

Downtown Graffiti Office Soho - NY Graffiti Artist

Last but not least, here is a video clip of Gorey painting the final wall above:

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Autumn Tree Service – Custom Graffiti For Hire on Truck – New Jersey

With all the downed trees from Sandy, we figured that this would be appropriate time to post this simple lettering job that we did on a truck earlier in the summer.  The truck owner wanted a legible graffiti style and the phone number for the business under it.  We replicated the exact same design on the opposite side as well.  I’m sure there’s absolutely no shortage of jobs for Autumn Tree Service over the next few weeks!

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DIRECTV – Custom Graffiti and Logo Artwork for The Nick & Artie Show / Dan Patrick Show in New York Studios

We recently worked on a project with Directv to create some original graffiti and spray painted artwork in their new studios in New York City.  We were told that the murals would be for the set of The Nick & Artie Show as well as the Dan Patrick show.  The design team pretty much built the ultimate man cave in their studios complete with huge TV’s, basketball hoops, pool tables, kitchen, shuffle board, etc…  The team they worked with did a great job in putting it all together!

For the main wall, we did a “NEW YORK” font piece with elements of different NY sports teams and NY-centric designs incorporated within each letter.  The backdrop was a NY skyline including the statue of liberty.

We painted two cabinets with a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox theme.  They opened up and housed two flat screen televisions.  We ended up painting the insides of the cabinets as well.

In the entrance way once you get off the elevator, we painted the logos for Directv, The Dan Patrick Show and The Nick & Artie Show.  We also painted a neon “Studio” sign above the entrance way into the studio.  All of this was done in spray paint.

Lastly, we painted a huge abstract NYC subway map along the back hallway of the studio and overlaid all of the logos including the Audience Network logo.

This job was a lot of work with very tight deadlines and we worked long hours to meet them all.  Overall, it was a fun & unique job and it was great to see a glimpse of our murals on television!

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F5 Agility Conference “Rethink Your World” Graffiti Artwork in New York

We were recently hired to paint a live mural for the F5 Agility conference in New York City.  (F5 delivers world-class performance, security, and cloud solutions for top global websites, enterprises, and service providers.)  The event was in Times Square and the tag line to the event was “Rethink Your World.”  We were asked to paint anime character profiles and font work that had a comic book look to it.  We were able to knock this out overnight and do the finishing touches while attendees walked into the auditorium.  Below are some photos from the live event.

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