New Balance #NYCZante Activation – Live Graffiti Art on Truck in NYC

Graffiti Artist For Hire

On Halloween this year, we worked with New Balance on an activation for the New York City Marathon.  They were releasing the NYC Zante which was a new shoe for the marathon.  New Balance filled a box truck in midtown with their new shoes and gave away sneakers to runners who were willing to donate the sneakers on their feet!  While this was happening, we were creating custom artwork on the exterior of the truck.  Check out some photos of the project below along with video of the event!

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Live Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Nvidia Office Cafe Mural – San Francisco Graffiti Artist For Hire – Silicon Valley Graffiti

One of our artists Jurne recently worked with Nvidia on a custom graffiti mural in the cafe of their Silicon Valley office! The concept was a graffiti piece with the saying “Color Outside The Lines” with accents colors pulling from the brand. We also recently worked with Gensler (who designed the Nvidia Silicon Valley headquarters) on the new New York Mastercard Office! Check out some images of the Nvidia mural below:

Silicon Valley Graffiti Artist For Hire

California Graffiti Artist For Hire

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YouTube Space Studio NY Launch – Live Artist For Hire (Google BrandLab)

Recently, we worked with YouTube & Google BrandLabs on their new YouTube Space NY launch event.  The space acts “as a hybrid production facility and classroom where brand marketers are invited to up their digital savvy while YouTube’s creator partners leverage the studio’s resources and acumen.”

With a whopping one billion unique users visiting YouTube every month to consume about six billion hours of video, it’s a smart move for the world’s second most valuable brand to set up shop near Madison Avenue. YouTube’s studios in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo have drawn over 30,000 creators to more than 450 workshops resulting in 6,000 videos viewed for 47 million hours. With BrandLab, it’s hoping to spread the gospel with those in control of marketing budgets, too. (

Check out video and photos from the event below:

Live Graffiti Artist For Hire Live Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Graffiti USA featured in Hospitality Design Magazine – The Wayfarer Restaurant

Graffiti USA, in collaboration with Klughaus Gallery was featured for some of our work at The Wayfarer restaurant in midtown. Earlier in the year, we painted a one color portrait of Brigette Bardot in the restaurant. The restaurant and the mural was featured in last month’s Hospitality Design magazine. Thank you to Meyer Davis Studio for reaching out to us on this project. It was great to be part of it! Also, check out our other portrait we painted in collaboration with Meyer Davis for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House earlier in the year.

Hospitality Design Graffiti

Hospitality Design Graffiti

Brigitte Bardot Graffiti - NY

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Johnny Sanchez Restaurant Mural – New Orleans Graffiti Artists For Hire – NOLA

We recently worked on an amazing mural project in New Orleans with celebrity chefs John Besh and Aaron Sanchez! We painted a Mexican street art mural designed by Michelle Myles (a co-owner of Daredevil Tattoo in the LES.) The mural was painted in an upcoming restaurant called “Johnny Sanchez” that will be opening soon in downtown New Orleans.  Thank you to everyone involved for all the southern hospitality and for all the amazing food!  Check out some photos of the mural below:




NOLA Graffiti Artist For Hire - Johnny Sanchez

Hire a New Orleans Graffiti Artist

New Orleans Mural Artist For hire

NOLA Mural Artist

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Graffiti Art in the New Taboola US Office – Silicon Alley New York Office Graffiti

After painting Taboola’s New York office last year, they invited us back to paint their new and improved office in New York City. Great to see the company progressing and it was a pleasure to work with the team again!

Taboola is surfacing your articles, slideshows, and videos to the right users, on the most innovative publishers in the world, and inviting them to click and consume it on your site, YouTube channel, or micro-site.”

This time around, we painted quite a few walls in the office over a weekend. It’s surprising how much graffiti art can change an office and make it a more fun environment for employees to work in! After the installation, the atmosphere went from very corporate to a lot more “fun!” We are looking forward to adding more in the near future in a second phase of this project. Check out the photographs from the first phase of the project below:

Silicon Alley Graffiti Interior

Taboola US Graffiti

Graffiti Artists For hire


The mural below was painted in a unique “Walk & Work” room with work spaces attached to treadmills!

Taboola Walk Work Graffiti

Interior Mural Art

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Samsung’s Milk Music x Russell Simmon’s ADD52 – Hip-Hop Graffiti Room

We recently worked with Relevent, Samsung’s Milk Music, and Russell Simmon’s ADD52 to decorate a hip-hop room for their one night event in Brooklyn.  You can watch the video below for a better explanation of the product that the event was for.  For the mural, we reached out to some Klughaus Gallery artists to create a collage of classic NYC styles and tributes to classic NYC graffiti artists like DG NWC.  The artists spent all night into the morning layering different elements of graffiti including tags, throw ups, and pieces!  The end result looked amazing.  Check out some photos of the install below:

Samsung x Add52 Graffiti Art

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Artist For Hire

The behind the scenes shots (before the lighting) below:

New York Graffiti

NY Graffiti Artist For hire

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ABC News Nightline Office Graffiti Mural – Interior Aerosol Art

We had the opportunity to paint the New York office for ABC News Nightline last week! We took the original Nightline logo and put our spin on it with a postcard style from one of the Klughaus Gallery artists that helped design this one. We were filmed and interviewed while painting this piece so who knows, there might be a segment on it some time in the near future. Our favorite letter was the lens shutter in the “H.” This was a cool job and we are honored to work with ABC! Below are some photos of the finished product in the office:

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

Office Graffiti

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