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Bizness Apps is a great company that helps small businesses create mobile applications quickly and easily.  They reached out to us to help them create a mural in their Silicon Valley office.  Our San Francisco graffiti artists created the interior murals below using spray paint.  Graffiti USA works with the top graffiti artists who do very clean and top notch work in multiple major cities throughout the country!

SF Graffiti Artist For Hire

Hire a SF Graffiti Artist

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HP Hewlett Packard Fall Media Event 2013 – Graffiti Art / Spray Paint Mural

We worked with HP (Hewlett-Packard) this past Fall for their Media event that showcased some of their new products. We were tasked with painting our rendition of the HP Garage. “The HP Garage is a private museum where the company Hewlett-Packard (HP) was founded. It is located at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California. It is considered to be the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley”. It is a designated California Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.” The piece was painted live using a mix of spray paint and paint markers.

NY Graffiti Artist For Hire

HP Fall Media

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Living Social Office NY – Graffiti Artists For Hire – Brooklyn Bridge & “Live Hungry”

A few weeks ago, Living Social reached out to us to create some graffiti artwork on their new office walls.  They gave us a color palette for their brand to work with and they were pretty open to letting us do what we wanted.  After giving them a couple of different sketches, they decided to go with a more bubbly/fun look.  They wanted the slogan “Live Hungry” on one wall and a Brooklyn Bridge silhouette painted on another wall.

We were excited to do this job as we are big fans of their daily local deals.  Everyone in the office seems to be pleased w/ the artwork and we hope that we made going to work a little more “fun” for everyone.  We definitely hope to do more work with them in the future and wish them luck with their new space!

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“Daniel’s World” Logo and Cartoon Mural Job in Brooklyn – Graffiti For Hire

There’s a new (brand names for less) fashion store opening in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave. (by Marine Park/Sheepshead Bay area.)  The store specializes in Women’s and Children’s clothing.  The client contacted us to do their logo in a graffiti style over their store gates.  We modified the tag line design “Fashions For Less” and made it bigger so that traffic could read it when driving by.  We painted a brick background on the store gate.  The store owner was a pleasure to work with and we wish him the best of luck.  While doing this mural, a lot of locals were curious what was opening and they all seemed excited about it being a clothing store!

Danield's World Logo Mural Store Gate

Daniel's World Fashions For Lest Mural on Store Gate

The owner also wanted us to paint the interior of the store with some cartoon characters to make it more “fun” for the customers.  In the entrance way, we painted the fashionable “Betty Boop” to greet customers as they walked into the store (we also made her a little more appropriate for families.)  On the way, out we painted the “Pink Panther” to say goodbye to them!  We kept the brick background theme here but made it more “cartoony” to go with the characters.  The entrance way was really tight so it was hard to get a full shot of both characters.  The exit sign on the glass doors will be removed as it was from the old Blockbuster that used to be at this location.

Brooklyn Betty Boop Painted For Fashion Store

Mural of Pink Panther Inside Clothing Store Entrance

Last but not least, we were asked to also paint the Kid’s section of the store with a Spongebob Squarepants mural.  The kids these days all seem to love Spongebob and hopefully this will make their shopping experience a lot more fun!  The characters were spaced in a way so that they would not be fully blocked when the clothing was hung in front.

Indoor Spongebob, Gary, Squidward, Mr, Krabs and Patrick Mural \" title=

This was a fun job and thank you to the owner and staff at Daniel’s World for making this job a wonderful experience!  Once again, good luck with the store opening and we wish you the best!

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NYC Fish Tank & Aquarium Tractor Trailer / Truck Graffiti – Commissioned Job in Spray Paint

The client “Maximum Mechanical” noticed our 7 Train tractor trailer conversion and reached out to us to do a graffiti job on their trailers in Brooklyn. They owned a fleet of some unique mobile boiler systems that were painted a coat of boring gray and they were constantly tagged when left in the streets throughout the five boroughs. We had a concept idea of turning the trailer into a fish tank/aquarium and we also invited some graffiti artist friends to incorporate their pieces into the background to give it a more “urban” look. This was a very time consuming project but we were definitely happy with the results! A few weeks after we completed the job, the trailer was dropped a few blocks from Times Square on 42nd Street. I stopped by to photograph it in the street and all I overheard were people making (positive) comments about it while walking by. Please with this work, the client reached out to us to do another trailer that I will feature in an upcoming post.

Here’s the truck sitting right by Times Square a few weeks later:

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