New Balance #NYCZante Activation – Live Graffiti Art on Truck in NYC

Graffiti Artist For Hire

On Halloween this year, we worked with New Balance on an activation for the New York City Marathon.  They were releasing the NYC Zante which was a new shoe for the marathon.  New Balance filled a box truck in midtown with their new shoes and gave away sneakers to runners who were willing to donate the sneakers on their feet!  While this was happening, we were creating custom artwork on the exterior of the truck.  Check out some photos of the project below along with video of the event!

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Live Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Sofitel Luxury Hotel Graffiti Mural – Graffiti Artist For Hire

One of our artists Seb Gorey recently worked with Sofitel (a luxury hotel chain) on creating some artwork in their New York location in midtown. The mural concept in the staircase was to feature iconic landmarks from New York and Paris. On another wall, Seb painted a park scene set behind a bench at the hotel. This was a fun project and we hope to work with them in their other hotels in the future! Check out some photos from the project below:

Graffiti Artist For Hire Graffiti Artist For Hire Graffiti Artist For Hire

Graffiti Art Hotel

NY Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Nvidia Office Cafe Mural – San Francisco Graffiti Artist For Hire – Silicon Valley Graffiti

One of our artists Jurne recently worked with Nvidia on a custom graffiti mural in the cafe of their Silicon Valley office! The concept was a graffiti piece with the saying “Color Outside The Lines” with accents colors pulling from the brand. We also recently worked with Gensler (who designed the Nvidia Silicon Valley headquarters) on the new New York Mastercard Office! Check out some images of the Nvidia mural below:

Silicon Valley Graffiti Artist For Hire

California Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Action Bronson F*ck That’s Delicious Mural for Vice Munchies – NY Sign Painter For Hire

In collaboration with Klughaus, we recently worked on a new mural for Action Bronson‘s show “Fuck That’s Delicious” that airs on Vice Munchies.  Special thank you to Sweet Chick in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the wall space and hospitality!  This was a rare job  for us where we mixed spray paint and brush work to get the font work looking crispy!  We kept hearing from random people passing by that this was one of their favorite online shows at the moment.  Photos of the work and video trailer for the show below:

NY Sign Painter For Hire

Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural Action Bronson - Klughaus Mural

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YouTube Space Studio NY Launch – Live Artist For Hire (Google BrandLab)

Recently, we worked with YouTube & Google BrandLabs on their new YouTube Space NY launch event.  The space acts “as a hybrid production facility and classroom where brand marketers are invited to up their digital savvy while YouTube’s creator partners leverage the studio’s resources and acumen.”

With a whopping one billion unique users visiting YouTube every month to consume about six billion hours of video, it’s a smart move for the world’s second most valuable brand to set up shop near Madison Avenue. YouTube’s studios in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo have drawn over 30,000 creators to more than 450 workshops resulting in 6,000 videos viewed for 47 million hours. With BrandLab, it’s hoping to spread the gospel with those in control of marketing budgets, too. (

Check out video and photos from the event below:

Live Graffiti Artist For Hire Live Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Torre Mexican Restaurant Graffiti Mural – Pennsylvania Graffiti Artist For Hire

Earlier this month, we worked with Paxos Restaurant Group and Jeffrey Beers International to create a custom portrait in spray paint for a new Mexican restaurant called “Torre” opening in Center Valley, PA!  For this project, we created a portrait of a Mexican woman wearing “Day of the Dead” make up.  She was also supposed to be the goddess of Agave which is why we painted her in a tone of blue.  We followed the client’s direction on a bright/textured background and were very happy with the results.  Hopefully, we’ll have some cleaner photos of the artwork to share once the restaurant is completely built out!  In the mean time, check out some of the progress photos as well as a time lapse video of the artwork being created!

graffiti artist for hire

graffiti artis for hire


pa graffiti artist for hire

Torre Restaurant Graffiti



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Puma Suede Commercial – Graffiti Artist For Hire

Earlier in the year, we worked with Puma and Rain on a commercial celebrating the anniversary of the Puma Suede sneaker.  Check out the video below.  It’s a really quick clip at the (0:34 mark) but you can see the graffiti collage we painted for this project!

“Revolutionary. Classic. Timeless. PUMA SUEDE has been down since forever. Back in 1968, the city scene was packed with hot chicks in hot pants and tall boys in basketball shorts. That was when PUMA first came on the scene with the Suede silhouette. The industry rebel that said “nay” to ordinary leather, the Suede was a warm-up shoe made infamous by athletic greats such as basketball’s Walt “Clyde” Frazier and the track’s Tommie Smith. It hit new levels of fame during the ’80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New York City blocks. And to this day, it remains PUMA’s most epic icon of sport-inspired style with its smooth suede and streetwise swagger.”

Puma Graffiti Artist For Hire

Puma Suede Graffiti


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ABC News Nightline Feature on Graffiti USA – Office Mural

A couple of months ago, we worked with a Klughaus Gallery artist on creating a mural for ABC News Nightline. They filmed the mural process and last night, they aired a special on graffiti art. Check out the video clip below:

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

“We provide a platform for top quality, authentic graffiti/street artists to do commissioned work without revealing their identities. We vow to protect the identities of our artists that wish to remain anonymous due to the legal nature of their work. All of our artists go through a very rigid screening process and you will only be working with professionals. You could be working with a famous street artist like Banksy and never know it! This is the reason why we are the industry leader and top choice for both artists and clients!”

Here’s some photos of the finished mural:

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti


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