Metlife Stadium – Giants & Jets Live Graffiti Art in New Jersey

We worked with Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment on a project at Metlife Stadium featuring live graffiti art before Giants game and Jets game last month. We painted these 8×8 canvases live within 2 hours as the fans came into the stadium. We are very excited that the 2014 Superbowl is going to be hosted at Metlife Stadium this year as well! Check out some photos from the games below:

Sporting Event Graffiti Live

Football Event Graffiti Superbowl Metlife

Metlife Stadium Jets Graffiti Art

NY Graffiti Artist For Hire - Jets Sports

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Sunglass Hut “Bright Lights Bling City” Fashion Week Event Graffiti

This past fashion week was a busy one for us! Right after the DKNY gig, we were asked to do some graffiti in the middle of Times Square for a Sunglass Hut pop-up event for fashion week called Bling City. This was a rare opportunity to paint in the center of New York City! We had limited time and a limited color palette to work with but we were able to pull it off at the end! Tons of tourists took photos of the process and many thought we were just there tagging illegally which drew quite the crowd. We also designed some custom airbrushed t-shirts for the staff as well. Take a look at some photos of the work and the event below:

Graffiti Artist NYC

NY Graffiti Artist For Hire

Hire a NYC Graffiti Artist Times Square

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GE General Electric Idea Works – Graffiti Artwork on Large Canvas

Earlier this month, a group from GE (General Electric) reached out to us to commission some custom graffiti artwork for their offices in Albany.  In case they moved offices in the future, they asked us to paint the artwork on lightweight wood flats.  We were able to construct custom wood flats that we put together to form one large canvas that incorporated the GE logo and the phrase “Idea Works” in a specified color palette.  Thanks to the efficient communication, this was a very smooth and successful job with a quick turnaround!  Below are shots of the completed artwork installed in their office!

Hire a Graffiti Artist for Corporate  Work

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