Atlantic Cellars Store Gate Mural – Brooklyn Graffiti Artist For Hire

We painted this mural on the store gate for Atlantic Cellars – Wine & Spirits in Brooklyn.  Since the store didn’t open until late, they wanted to utilize the space on their store gate for a public mural that incorporated elements of the neighborhood.  We created a design that included the Nets logo (the Barclays Center is close by), wine, subway trains, and an image of the late Notorious B.I.G. that lived close by in Bed Stuy.  You can check out this mural the next time you are at the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Grand Ave. in Brooklyn (988 Atlantic Ave.)  This was a fun project that we got to share with the public/neighborhood.

Graffiti Artist For Hire in Brooklyn

Graffiti Mural on Store Gate in Brooklyn

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