ABC News Nightline Feature on Graffiti USA – Office Mural

A couple of months ago, we worked with a Klughaus Gallery artist on creating a mural for ABC News Nightline. They filmed the mural process and last night, they aired a special on graffiti art. Check out the video clip below:

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“We provide a platform for top quality, authentic graffiti/street artists to do commissioned work without revealing their identities. We vow to protect the identities of our artists that wish to remain anonymous due to the legal nature of their work. All of our artists go through a very rigid screening process and you will only be working with professionals. You could be working with a famous street artist like Banksy and never know it! This is the reason why we are the industry leader and top choice for both artists and clients!”

Here’s some photos of the finished mural:

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti


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MasterCard NYC Office Mural – Silicon Alley Graffiti – NY Graffiti Artists For Hire

We worked with Gensler and MasterCard recently on a custom graffiti mural in their new NYC (Silicon Alley) office space.  Recently, we have seen a lot of the top young tech. companies inquiring about graffiti murals in their offices!  I think that the artwork definitely adds an element to the environment so that it doesn’t seem as corporate.  For this project, we created an awesome spray painted mural themed around “World Beyond Cash.” While MasterCard is known for their credit division, they are also a very technology driven company.

In addition, we also created some custom signage for their lobby/reception area as well as their bathroom doors.  We integrated a lot of the street art look into our designs while keeping it very clean/professional.  Check out some images of the artwork below:

Graffiti Artist For Hire NYC

MasterCard Office Graffiti

MasterCard Office Graffiti

MasterCard Office Graffiti

MasterCard Office Graffiti

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Graffiti Art in the New Taboola US Office – Silicon Alley New York Office Graffiti

After painting Taboola’s New York office last year, they invited us back to paint their new and improved office in New York City. Great to see the company progressing and it was a pleasure to work with the team again!

Taboola is surfacing your articles, slideshows, and videos to the right users, on the most innovative publishers in the world, and inviting them to click and consume it on your site, YouTube channel, or micro-site.”

This time around, we painted quite a few walls in the office over a weekend. It’s surprising how much graffiti art can change an office and make it a more fun environment for employees to work in! After the installation, the atmosphere went from very corporate to a lot more “fun!” We are looking forward to adding more in the near future in a second phase of this project. Check out the photographs from the first phase of the project below:

Silicon Alley Graffiti Interior

Taboola US Graffiti

Graffiti Artists For hire


The mural below was painted in a unique “Walk & Work” room with work spaces attached to treadmills!

Taboola Walk Work Graffiti

Interior Mural Art

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ABC News Nightline Office Graffiti Mural – Interior Aerosol Art

We had the opportunity to paint the New York office for ABC News Nightline last week! We took the original Nightline logo and put our spin on it with a postcard style from one of the Klughaus Gallery artists that helped design this one. We were filmed and interviewed while painting this piece so who knows, there might be a segment on it some time in the near future. Our favorite letter was the lens shutter in the “H.” This was a cool job and we are honored to work with ABC! Below are some photos of the finished product in the office:

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

ABC News Nightline Graffiti

Office Graffiti

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DayNine Consulting Office Graffiti Mural – Subway Graffiti Commission

We recently worked with DayNine Consulting to create a custom graffiti mural in their new New York office.  We painted a New York Skyline with a billboard featuring the logo one of their applications “Workday.”  We also painted a NYC Subway car tagged with graffiti listing out the company values/mission.  One of our favorite parts to this piece was transforming one of their columns into a NYC subway station column with a plaque that says “New York Hub.”  Photos of the installation below:

Graffiti Artist For Hire

Hire a NYC Graffiti Artist

Conceptual Graffiti Art

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Warner Music Group – New York Office Sound Wave Graffiti – Interior Mural

Earlier this month, we helped create a unique hand painted design in the new Warner Music Group office in New York City. We painted a long hallway with multiple sound wave patterns in the company’s blue and white tones. We also covered their elevator doors with a hand painted oversized logo. The rest of the space was filled with patterns consisting of the WMG logo. We were honored to work with Warner Music Group on this project and hopefully there will be more to come! Stay tuned! Check out photos of the installation below:

Graffiti Artist For Hire NYC

NY Graff Artist For Hire

NY Graffiti Artist

Sound wave graffiti art

Graffiti Interior Mural

Graffiti Artist For hire

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Vornado Realty Trust – Graffiti Artists For Hire – NYC Aerosol Murals

We worked with Vornado Realty Trust on a new project recently in a new space at 330 W 34th St.  It was a pleasure working with them on a similar past project last year.  As usual, we are very happy with the results and they are a wonderful client to work with!  All of the work was done using spray paint with two graffiti artists working.

NYC Graffiti Artist For Hire

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NY Facebook Office Graffiti – Boomtown Office Murals

Some nice folks over at the New York Facebook office space reached out to us to help them decorate their offices with some interior murals! They definitely had some unique ideas and we helped make it a reality for them! Check out some photos of the artwork below:

New York Graffiti Artists For Hire - Facebook

Graffiti Art for Offices - Facebook Murals

The nick name for this office space was “Boomtown.” We kept the classic NYC graffiti feel for this break room. “Made in NY Baby!”

Facebook Office Graffiti - Hire a graffiti artist

The mural we did in the conference room below was our favorite by far! The wall we painted on was not a flat surface but we played with the perspective and created an anamorphic piece of graffiti. When viewing this piece through the video conference, it looked like the background was a flat wall but the photo below shows what it looks like from the side.  A very fun but tricky optical illusion to paint!

NY Graffiti Artists For Hire

Facebook Office Graffiti

New York Facebook Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Facebook Graffiti

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Event: NY Google Big Tent 2012 – New York Graffiti Letters

Last year, we worked with Google and R/GA on some custom graffiti artwork for their NY Big Tent 2012 Event. We were asked to decorate the bland walls of a freight elevator that everyone had to take to get to the rooftop where the event was taking place. We painted two series of stage flats with the word “NEW” and “YORK” across each that was hung directly across from each other in the elevator. We thank Google & the agency for inviting us to be a part of this important event. You can see a video further down below that includes clips of some of the speakers of the event.

NYC Graffiti Artists For Hire - Google Big Tent Event
New York Graffiti Artists For Hire – Custom graffiti for events.

NYC Graffiti Artists For Hire

Graffiti Agency - Graffiti Letters

Graffiti set design - Custom NY Graffiti Artists For Hire

Graffiti in Freight Elevator - Aerosol Artwork

“On September 19, 2012 Google hosted Big Tent NYC, a one-day event focusing on the Internet’s impact on creativity and culture. Big Tent brought together leaders in music, technology, arts and entertainment to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a new media world. The program was be followed by a rooftop reception and special unveiling by Cirque du Soleil.

The event was part of Google’s worldwide series addressing the Internet and society.”

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Custom Graffiti Art Mural for Lounge / Car Collection Garage in Long Island NY

We get quite a few jobs to add custom artwork on the walls of “man caves” throughout the tri-state area.   Most recently, we had the opportunity to paint the interior walls of a large garage that would house a car collection and lounge.  The idea came about when the client initially moved into the abandoned space and saw some existing graffiti inside.  It looked pretty cool to them so they asked us to come re-decorate the space with graffiti after the renovations.  Given the client’s existing appreciation of graffiti art, it was truly a pleasure working with them!  On top of the graffiti, we were commissioned to paint some photo realism murals and custom signs which were all done in spray paint.  Check out the photos below.

The first part of this project involved painting multiple car names in variations of classic graffiti styles.  We went for a collage type of feel where the sizes and colors of the names varied to provide some eye candy.  The car names included Aston Martin, Porsche, GTO, Mercedes-Benz (logo), Maserati, Ferrari, Ford and Fiat.

Car Collection Custom Graffiti For Hire NY

Car Graffiti  Artist For Hire Long Island

On an adjacent wall between garage doors, the client wanted an attractive female painted bending over showing off her “assets.”  The lounge area incorporated a window that would have a direct view of this wall.  With a found reference, we were able to reproduce this girl in a photo-realism style using all spray paint.  This was definitely one of the most “unique” commission jobs we have done thus far!

Ass Graffiti Artists For Hire - Ride

The second part of this project was painting two walls on the opposite end of the garage.  On one of the walls, we designed a custom retro style sign for the client.  This was painted over a very rough surface that consisted of pipes, electrical boxes, etc.  It was tough to work around all these obstacles but we were very happy with the outcome in the end!  We also painted various highway signs (I-95, 495, Route 66) to fill up the negative space around the main piece.

Custom Sign Mural - Graffiti Art Highway Signs

Last but not least, we painted another photo-realism style red Ferrari that looked like it was breaking through the wall.

Ferrari Car Graffiti Art

Long Island Graffiti Artist For Hire

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