Bedroom Door – Indoor Graffiti Job for Jack in the Upper West Side NY

The amazing parents of Jack decided to surprise him with a piece in his brand new re-done bedroom.  While he was away in summer camp, his parents hired us to come paint his name on the bedroom door.  We painted his name floating above layered skyline.  We also incorporated a little cat sitting on a roof to represent their cat although it may be a bit hard to see in the photo.  We also painted an orange sunset background to match the color of his new walls and furniture.

One of our more common requests are actually pieces in kids’ bedrooms.  We actually do a lot of indoor work but we highly recommend that there are open windows or some kind of ventilation in the room that we are working in.  Also, we fully prep the area to make sure there is no over spray on the floor or any furniture!

Thanks again Mike!

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New York Graffiti Job – 50’s Postcard Style Commission Artwork – Sports, NYC

We were recently hired to do this 50’s style postcard piece that spells “NEW YORK” for some Long Islanders living in Manhattan. We asked each of the roommates for their input and a lot of them had suggestions of their favorite NY sports teams. We tried to incorporate as many “New York” centric themes as possible. This piece was fairly small and it actually becomes harder to do pieces in spray paint the smaller the area we have to work with. However, in the end, we were pretty satisfied with the way it came out!

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