Sunnyside, Queens Neighborhood Mural Commission

We were hired last year to do an aerosol mural for the neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens just off the 7 train. We took elements of the neighborhood and the people living in the area and incorporated it into the piece. We also asked the locals for suggestions of what to paint. Some of the artwork within the letters included the 7 train, Sunnyside Gardens, 59th Street Bridge, Flushing Meadow Park, Irish Flag, Empire State Building, and more. Everyone on the neighborhood loved the mural and told us that “if ANYONE messes with this artwork, they’ll be very sorry.” The property owner now uses the piece as a destination in terms of giving directions as well as several other businesses in the area. The Queens Chronicle newspaper also featured the mural last year in an article about celebrating Sunnyside.

Graffiti Commission Job in Queens, NY