Graffiti USA featured on ABC News Nightline:
“Watch How Artists Created ‘Nightline’ Graffiti Mural”

CBS 2 News features Graffiti USA:
“More and More New York City Landlords Embracing Street Art”

Graffiti USA featured in Hospitality Design Magazine:

Hospitality Design Graffiti

NY1 features Graffiti USA for 2014 Art Park Series:
“Live Art Show Held on High Line”
Link to full post: Abington House – Art Park Series/

NY1 News

Graffiti USA mentions from the NY Times, Newsday, Washington Post and more!
Kips Bay Decorator Show House Graffiti Mural

New York Times – Rocking The Palazzo
“…On the second-floor landing, a contemporary elevator door and some emergency and exit signage has become part of a mural by Victor Fung, a graffiti artist”

Newsday – An inside look at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House
“…The Meyer Davis Studio in Manhattan fills the second-floor corridor with work by Brooklyn artists — including a wall of graffiti by Victor Fung at one end of the space.”

The Washington Post – Kips Bay Decorator Show House shows off 22 rooms of decorating splendor in New York
“…Cool factor? On the second-floor landing, Brooklyn graffiti artist Victor Fung came on site with his spray-paint cans and created an original artwork, “The Scream,” on one wall. Fung’s installation gets even more of an urban edge because there is a glowing “Exit” sign in the middle of it.”

Dream Walls – Glass As Art
“…The hallway gallery was designed by Meyer Davis Studio and designers Will Meyer and Gray Davis basically transformed the 2nd floor hallway into a Brooklyn Art Gallery. It features 3 working Brooklyn-based artists, and most of the big press on the house focuses on Victor Fung’s graffiti art, “The Scream” on the far wall.”

Ask Patrick – …about haute and haunting, and a day at the opera, all for a price: Kips Bay 2014
“…Haute and Haunting
Elsewhere, mysterious, enigmatic elements like those shrouded figures, a wild-eyed photo of Medusa flanked by narwhale tusks, silenced portraits, beheaded torsos, disorienting scale, murky colors, blood references, and corridors disappearing in dark shadows made this into a haunted house of sorts, the Victor Fung mural in the Meyer Davis hallway frozen in an eternal, eerie scream, punctured like a wound by the ruby red exit sign. “


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