Painting The Solar System, Sharks Underwater and Boxing Rings – A Fun Graffiti Job in the Upper East Side

This was quite a unique job to say the least.  A client asked us to paint a mural for their three sons in this rare Upper East Side backyard.  Their kids (Jesse, Jaden and Julian) meant the world to them and they asked them what they wanted to see painted in their backyard.  The final results were planets, sharks and boxing!  Quite the combo but we made it work together nicely in the end.  I’ll have to head back to try to get some better photos of each section but in the mean time, I have posted the final product of all three scenes.  One of my favorite parts of this mural is the reflection of the surface of the water (above the sharks) which was actually an idea given to us by the client.  We hope the whole family enjoys this piece for years to come.

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