Indoor Mural – USA Flag Patriotic Painting Commission Job – “Lest We Forget… Not To Be Forgotten”

Since we painted the Sunnyside Mural in back in 2010, we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from the community. There was a building nearby that wanted us to paint a flag mural in their lobby. They wanted something very patriotic and gave us the elements for the piece. They wanted an eagle, the twin towers and the statue of liberty sitting on top of an American flag. We had the idea of playing with the existing lamp on the wall and integrating it as the “torch” of lady liberty. This was an indoor mural done in all spray paint with tape and stencils for the stars and lettering. Even though this is not really a “graffiti” piece, it was nice to work on this because it meant a lot to the owner.

Progress shot of the flag being painted:

Final shot of the completed piece:

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