Q: Will I see a sketch before you begin work?
A: Upon contract sign off and deposit, we start with an initial rough concept (and in some cases a visual reference of a past similar job) to start.  We can provide up to 2 revisions inclusive of the cost.  Additional revisions are possible at an hourly rate if needed but it rarely gets to that point.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, we are an insured mural painting business and art gallery.  We can provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon contract sign off.  If your place of business is required to be included as “additional insured” on our insurance, please send over a sample COI with coverage requirements.  We would typically require 3-5 business days notice to generate a COI.

Q: How long does the art work usually take to complete?
A: Every job is different depending on the size, detail, weather conditions, etc. On average, walls up to 10×10 ft with medium detail can be completed within a day.

Q: How long will the artwork last?
A: We use top quality spray paint/materials and indoor murals will last decades.  Outdoor murals can also last for several years depending on the amount of direct sunlight.

Q: Do you have access to walls for the image we are looking to paint?
A: Unfortunately, we are not a media company and we don’t have a large directory of wall spaces available for rent.  Typically, the client arranges to get permission for the wall space and we come to paint the artwork.  We do have access to a couple of walls in a few major cities for a photo opportunity as long as the image you are painting is not an advertisement. The alternative is to also paint on a large canvas that can be transported and hung at a location.

Q: Do you also paint on canvas?
A: Yes, using spray paint, the smallest size we would suggest is something that is about 3 ft. x 4 ft. (pre-stretched.)  We can also purchase primed cloth canvas that is un-stretched that is about 7 ft. tall x however long you would like (in one yard increments.)  You can easily install grommets on un-stretched canvas to hang.  We can also construct free standing stage flats that can be up to 8 ft. tall in increments of 4 ft. wide.  Please see more information on pricing/details by clicking here.

Q: How much will the spray paint smell indoors and is it safe to be around?
A: If you are doing a live event, we can use paint markers and low odor/indoor water based spray paint to minimize the fumes.  Here is a link to the MSDS and video of the water based spray paint.  The standard non-water based aerosol fumes may last up to 24 hours indoors but may go away much quicker if you have windows or ventilation. We recommend that you do not stick around (without a mask) while we are in the process of painting.

Q: What happens if the art work is vandalized?
A: There is always a small chance of exterior art work being vandalized although it rarely happens from our experience. We are always open to coming back to fix any artwork that has been defaced at a discount.  Based on the amount of damage, the discounted “maintenance” rates will vary.

Q: Do I need to protect the mural after it’s painted?
A: Typically, we do not coat murals after it’s painted as it makes it harder to come back to do touch ups, etc.  If the mural is in a high traffic location, we can recommend a clear coat that you can easily cover the mural with.  This is very simple to do yourself and will not affect the mural design.  We can also do this for you at an additional charge.

Q: Could I supply my own spray paint to save on costs?
A: We strongly recommend that you go with the specialized spray paint that we provide. We could use spray paint that you supply but we cannot guarantee the quality of the artwork. We also use specialized nozzles for different effects that are not compatible with all brands of spray paint.

Q: If I hire you for outdoor work, could the job be done in any weather?
A: For outdoor work, the temperature needs to be at least 35-40 degrees F. It is possible to paint in lower temperatures but it is not recommended. We cannot work in rain or snow unless adequate shelter is provided.

Q: Do I need a permit to have art work (graffiti) on the exterior of my property?
A: As long as you have permission from the property owner (could be yourself), you do not need a permit to have art work, (yes, graffiti included) on the exterior of your property.  (This could vary based on the city we are working in.)  If you are painting an advertisement as opposed to public artwork, it may be subject to local signage laws.