NY Facebook Office Graffiti – Boomtown Office Murals

Some nice folks over at the New York Facebook office space reached out to us to help them decorate their offices with some interior murals! They definitely had some unique ideas and we helped make it a reality for them! Check out some photos of the artwork below:

New York Graffiti Artists For Hire - Facebook

Graffiti Art for Offices - Facebook Murals

The nick name for this office space was “Boomtown.” We kept the classic NYC graffiti feel for this break room. “Made in NY Baby!”

Facebook Office Graffiti - Hire a graffiti artist

The mural we did in the conference room below was our favorite by far! The wall we painted on was not a flat surface but we played with the perspective and created an anamorphic piece of graffiti. When viewing this piece through the video conference, it looked like the background was a flat wall but the photo below shows what it looks like from the side.  A very fun but tricky optical illusion to paint!

NY Graffiti Artists For Hire

Facebook Office Graffiti

New York Facebook Graffiti Artist For Hire

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Facebook Graffiti

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