Event: NY Google Big Tent 2012 – New York Graffiti Letters

Last year, we worked with Google and R/GA on some custom graffiti artwork for their NY Big Tent 2012 Event. We were asked to decorate the bland walls of a freight elevator that everyone had to take to get to the rooftop where the event was taking place. We painted two series of stage flats with the word “NEW” and “YORK” across each that was hung directly across from each other in the elevator. We thank Google & the agency for inviting us to be a part of this important event. You can see a video further down below that includes clips of some of the speakers of the event.

NYC Graffiti Artists For Hire - Google Big Tent Event
New York Graffiti Artists For Hire – Custom graffiti for events.

NYC Graffiti Artists For Hire

Graffiti Agency - Graffiti Letters

Graffiti set design - Custom NY Graffiti Artists For Hire

Graffiti in Freight Elevator - Aerosol Artwork

“On September 19, 2012 Google hosted Big Tent NYC, a one-day event focusing on the Internet’s impact on creativity and culture. Big Tent brought together leaders in music, technology, arts and entertainment to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a new media world. The program was be followed by a rooftop reception and special unveiling by Cirque du Soleil.

The event was part of Google’s worldwide series addressing the Internet and society.”

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