Eisai Inc. Office (Pharmaceutical Company) Graffiti in New Jersey Office

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Eisai Inc. on a custom graffiti mural in their Woodcliff Lake, NJ offices.  The client wanted to show the company values in a professional/conservative way while keeping an edgy spray painted aesthetic.  We were definitely the right ones for this kind of work!  We got to have a little more fun with 7 additional walls where we depicted formulas and molecular structures of their drugs reacting inside the human body.  With a team of 3 of our artists, we were able to a total of 12 interior walls over a weekend!  Check out some photographs of the installation below:

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Teamwork Graffiti Mural

Graffiti Mural

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Aerosol Art

Graffiti Art

Aerosol Art Mural

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Graffiti Art

Blood graffiti mural art

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