Custom Graffiti Art Mural for Lounge / Car Collection Garage in Long Island NY

We get quite a few jobs to add custom artwork on the walls of “man caves” throughout the tri-state area.   Most recently, we had the opportunity to paint the interior walls of a large garage that would house a car collection and lounge.  The idea came about when the client initially moved into the abandoned space and saw some existing graffiti inside.  It looked pretty cool to them so they asked us to come re-decorate the space with graffiti after the renovations.  Given the client’s existing appreciation of graffiti art, it was truly a pleasure working with them!  On top of the graffiti, we were commissioned to paint some photo realism murals and custom signs which were all done in spray paint.  Check out the photos below.

The first part of this project involved painting multiple car names in variations of classic graffiti styles.  We went for a collage type of feel where the sizes and colors of the names varied to provide some eye candy.  The car names included Aston Martin, Porsche, GTO, Mercedes-Benz (logo), Maserati, Ferrari, Ford and Fiat.

Car Collection Custom Graffiti For Hire NY

Car Graffiti  Artist For Hire Long Island

On an adjacent wall between garage doors, the client wanted an attractive female painted bending over showing off her “assets.”  The lounge area incorporated a window that would have a direct view of this wall.  With a found reference, we were able to reproduce this girl in a photo-realism style using all spray paint.  This was definitely one of the most “unique” commission jobs we have done thus far!

Ass Graffiti Artists For Hire - Ride

The second part of this project was painting two walls on the opposite end of the garage.  On one of the walls, we designed a custom retro style sign for the client.  This was painted over a very rough surface that consisted of pipes, electrical boxes, etc.  It was tough to work around all these obstacles but we were very happy with the outcome in the end!  We also painted various highway signs (I-95, 495, Route 66) to fill up the negative space around the main piece.

Custom Sign Mural - Graffiti Art Highway Signs

Last but not least, we painted another photo-realism style red Ferrari that looked like it was breaking through the wall.

Ferrari Car Graffiti Art

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