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About Graffiti USA:

We are a group of professional graffiti artists working nationwide with many years of experience working with spray paint. We are known for our clean and quality work at affordable rates. We do all kinds of commission jobs related to aerosol & spray paint art including: set design, live events, logo reproduction, original murals, custom lettering, bedrooms, retro graffiti, artwork on vehicles, advertisements and much more. In addition, we are affiliated Klughaus, one of the top New York galleries that works primarily with fine artists that come from graffiti roots.  They are the #1 source for art collectors looking for urban artwork done by the world’s top graffiti artists!

If you are looking to feature a specific artist for a job, Klughaus has a portfolio to choose from. However, many of the graffiti artists we work with choose to work anonymously.  We provide a platform for top quality, authentic graffiti/street artists to do commissioned work without revealing their identities.  We vow to protect the identities of our artists that wish to remain anonymous due to the legal nature of their work.  All of our artists go through a very rigid screening process and you will only be working with professionals.  You could be working with a famous street artist like Banksy and never know it!  This is the reason why we are the industry leader and top choice for both artists and clients!

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Merrion Square, Root Capture, Cristal Trucking, Maximum Mechanical, William E Williams Valve Corp.

Street Art Blog

New Balance #NYCZante Activation – Live Graffiti Art on Truck in NYC

On Halloween this year, we worked with New Balance on an activation for the New York City Marathon.  They were releasing the NYC Zante which was a new shoe for the marathon.  New Balance filled a box truck in midtown with their new shoes and gave away sneakers to runners who were willing to donate the …

Cases Downtown Brooklyn Office Graffiti Mural – Graffiti Artists For Hire

We worked with Cases, a NYC organization that aims to “increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community.” Graffiti USA happened to be a model example of how we were able to take our negative energy from …


Graffiti USA featured on ABC News Nightline:
“Watch How Artists Created ‘Nightline’ Graffiti Mural”

CBS 2 News features Graffiti USA:
“More and More New York City Landlords Embracing Street Art”

Graffiti USA featured in Hospitality Design Magazine:

Hospitality Design Graffiti

NY1 features Graffiti USA for 2014 Art Park Series:
“Live Art Show Held on High Line”
Link to full post: Abington House – Art Park Series/

NY1 News

Graffiti USA mentions from the NY Times, Newsday, Washington Post and more!
Kips Bay Decorator Show House Graffiti Mural

New York Times – Rocking The Palazzo
“…On the second-floor landing, a contemporary elevator door and some emergency and exit signage has become part of a mural by Victor Fung, a graffiti artist”

Newsday – An inside look at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House
“…The Meyer Davis Studio in Manhattan fills the second-floor corridor with work by Brooklyn artists — including a wall of graffiti by Victor Fung at one end of the space.”

The Washington Post – Kips Bay Decorator Show House shows off 22 rooms of decorating splendor in New York
“…Cool factor? On the second-floor landing, Brooklyn graffiti artist Victor Fung came on site with his spray-paint cans and created an original artwork, “The Scream,” on one wall. Fung’s installation gets even more of an urban edge because there is a glowing “Exit” sign in the middle of it.”

Dream Walls – Glass As Art
“…The hallway gallery was designed by Meyer Davis Studio and designers Will Meyer and Gray Davis basically transformed the 2nd floor hallway into a Brooklyn Art Gallery. It features 3 working Brooklyn-based artists, and most of the big press on the house focuses on Victor Fung’s graffiti art, “The Scream” on the far wall.”

Ask Patrick – …about haute and haunting, and a day at the opera, all for a price: Kips Bay 2014
“…Haute and Haunting
Elsewhere, mysterious, enigmatic elements like those shrouded figures, a wild-eyed photo of Medusa flanked by narwhale tusks, silenced portraits, beheaded torsos, disorienting scale, murky colors, blood references, and corridors disappearing in dark shadows made this into a haunted house of sorts, the Victor Fung mural in the Meyer Davis hallway frozen in an eternal, eerie scream, punctured like a wound by the ruby red exit sign. “


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